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prosthetist fitting

Adapting to life with a prosthetic or orthotic device comes with many challenges. Our dedicated, highly skilled team are passionate about supporting you on your journey, no matter how you or your loved one arrived here.

We aim to provide the best possible solution to meet your mobility goals, from essential daily activities to specialised movement for sport, music and leisure. We take the time to listen carefully and develop the right assistive technology for your individual needs and circumstances, even if they change over time.

You may be referred to us to access all sorts of assistive technology for a range of reasons, from replacement of part, or all, of a limb lost through accident or disease, or to improve mobility where movement is severely impaired (e.g. from conditions such as cerebral palsy or stroke).

We are tightly connected with the full resources of the wider healthcare community through the state-wide NSW Health system.

The introduction of the NDIS in our area is changing the way some people access financial support for our services - we can help you navigate the NDIS and other funding processes.