NDIS step by step guide

Our team can help you through the process of accessing the NDIS, if you are eligible. If you would like our help, please contact us and we’ll make a time to go through it with you and make sure you are including everything you need to achieve the outcomes you’re hoping for, including future repairs, upgrades and follow-up care.

Throughout the process you should be thinking about your personal goals – remember you can contact us if you aren’t sure about something or need more detailed information for your NDIS forms.

ndis flowchart

Become a participant

  1. Check if you're eligible for NDIS funding and request the forms by calling the hotline on 1800 800 110 or visiting NDIS
  2. Fill out and submit the forms to become an NDIS participant. If you have one, your current provider can help you fill out the required Access Request Form

Develop your NDIS plan

  1. Before starting your NDIS plan contact us to ensure you can cover everything for the duration of the plan (1-2 years)
  2. Discuss current and future needs, including healthcare professional consultations, repairs and maintenance, and any additional peripherals e.g. liners or stump socks
  3. Have a full assessment with us. We will then submit a report and quote to the NDIA for funding

Get the support you need

  1. Let us know when you have NDIS approval, and please provide us with a copy of the approval
  2. We will produce or order what you need in line with your approved plan