child running with prosthetics

About assistive technology in paediatrics

Many people are surprised to hear that orthotics and prosthetics have a significant role to play in caring for babies, children and young people.

There are many conditions that need to be addressed in this area before the child finishes growing, and an orthosis is commonly used to achieve the best outcome.

Paediatric clients who attend our service are given all the extra attention their unique needs require.

The most common reasons children and young people need prosthetics or orthotics include cerebral palsy, scoliosis, fractures and spina bifida. Our staff are also able to offer care for less common childhood conditions that may arise due to disease, sports injuries or other trauma and development issues such as hip dysplasia.

Our paediatric orthotic clients are regularly re-assessed so that their device is fitting well and offering the right support for their stage of growth. We find that children require regular replacements depending on how much they have grown. It is not unusual to replace a child’s orthosis each year, or in as little as six months when they are growing quickly.

Along with our care for the baby, child or young person, we also support the parents, family and other carers with training and advice for every new device.